What is Network?

In Gloucestershire we have 8 districts.

  • Cheltenham
  • Cotswold
  • Cotswold Vale
  • Forest of Dean
  • Gloucester
  • North Cotswold
  • Stroud and Tetbury
  • Tewkesbury


Each of the 8 districts has their own Network. To get in contact with the local network, please see the Events Calendar to see where we are next meeting. Or contact acc.14-25@gloucestershire-scouts.org.uk to find out more about the Network in your area!

Network is run by its members for its members with many activities taking place right across the county each week. Over the past few years members have been able to try climbing, narrowboating, a monopoly run, geocaching, backwoods cooking, Zorbing and Segway plus much more!

Membership and Registration

All member of the Scout Association between 18 and 25 are automatically members of Scout Network.


If you are not part of the Scout Association please feel free to turn up to one of our events on the Calendar or contact the email address above.


Why join?

Many members of Scout Network are already members of the Scout Association as leaders or helpers with other sections, or as members of Scout Active Support. At the same time though many members are just network members, with many being students are the local university.

Scouting gradually changes throughout the age ranges. Network is particularly informal and laid back with almost all the formalities being reserved for St. Georges Day and Remembrance Day parades! Networks spend most of their time taking part in events you would NEVER otherwise end up doing. This ranges from the annual piano bash (where you use a sledgehammer, felling axe and saw to post a piano through a letterbox! Don’t worry all of the pianos are past usable for their original purpose) right through to making oversized chocolate bars and exchanging items for paper-clips! All in all it’s a laugh!

Membership of Network also entitles you to take part in Scout Network events, both local and National/International, and to work towards and gain the Chief Scout’s, Queen’s Scout and Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.


What is the Uniform?

The formal Uniform for Scout Network is the same as that for adult leaders, with the addition of the ‘Network’ badge (Badge Positions). This consists of the stone shirt, navy trousers (official formal and activity trousers are available, but not compulsory!) and County Network necker. An optional polo shirt is also available. The formal uniform is normally reserved for key events such as parades.

The informal uniform which Scout Network members wear to meetings consists of just the Network necker.


Where can I get Uniform?

The official uniform shirt and trousers are available from local district scout shops or from Scout Shops online. Some uniform items are also stocked by National Schoolwear Centres, who have branches in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud.

The appropriate badges and Scout Network Necker will be given to you when you are invested.  You can order your neckerchief by speaking to your local District Scout Network Commissioner.





Membership Fee

As Scout Network members can be members of more than one Network (e.g. at home and at university), and can also be leaders or helpers with other sections (Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Explorers), As of 2016, all over 18 members of the Scout Association do not need to pay to be a member.

Although as we know not everything in life is free. Network is now pay as you play. If an event/project requires members to pay there will be prior to the event.